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PowerPro RTO 2020 PowerPro RTO 2020

PowerPro 2020 is available for download now.

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2020-05-05 02:51

PowerPro Web Trainer PowerPro Web Trainer

Hello Power Users!
We are proud to introduce the PowerPro Web Trainer plugin:


Web Trainer


This module allows RTO Trainers to view and result their own Student's Units from a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or a PC anywhere (as long as there is Internet connectivity). The results entered by the Trainer/Assessor are synced back to the RTO office and integrated in PowerPro RTO on a regular basis (e.g. every 15 minutes). These results are tagged with the Trainer name and timestamp in PowerPro.

Cost: $400 +GST per year.

See for yourself, try our demo account:


U: webtrainer@powerprorto.com.au
P: powerpro2018

2020-05-05 01:59

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