PowerPro RTO - Testimonials

Harris Bromly


Thank you for all your help throughout the year.  We are so glad we made the choice to go with PowerPro, it makes the complexities of running an RTO so much easier.


Jane Tenney




Corporate Traning Services


I want to congratulate you and your team on a very well designed and intuitive software that is a pleasure to use on a daily basis. It really was a perfect fit for our business and I only wish that I have found you sooner.


Barry O'Regan




Richards Mining Services


I have been using PowerPro for almost a year now and have always appreciated Vidatek’s fantastic customer service. In my role as compliance coordinator, I rely on a database like PowerPro which can easily produce RTO reports like CQR and QI reports.


The PowerPro team has always been receptive to suggestions about modifying aspects of the database which were important to our business. In addition, Vidatek has helped us in setting up additional reporting though PowerPro.


We recently needed to recover some files from the backup system and Vidatek was offering their assistance to our IT department straight away, even on a late Monday afternoon!

Thanks to the team’s help, we were able to retrieve the information and restore it in our system within a short time frame.


A big ‘thank you’ to Vidatek!


Claudia Stronach | Compliance Coordinator




Wontulp College


I just wanted to send a very big thanks for your continuous support to our organisation and Rev Victory asked that the I also express his gratitude for how you have assisted us.  Our Indigo report was accepted and all is ok, awesome work you’re doing.


Blessing to you and your little family


From Davena, Nola & the Wontulp Staff




Train To Gain


I have been involved with Pedro Fonseca and his company Vidatek for the past 2 years.


I have relied heavily upon Pedro in setting up the compliance system to comply with AVETMISS 6.0, AQTF2010, Quality Indicators (CCOS) and I have also found him to be a constant source of valuable information and advice on all matters regarding compliance. Pedro and his team have expertise that I personally have found to be invaluable as I have at times struggled to not be swamped by the world of compliance.


Pedro has personally assisted me on every occasion I have needed help, including when he was overseas due to a pressing personal matter. Not only did Pedro have email contact with me he also took the time and effort to call me regarding my issues. This type of service is unfortunately very much the exception in today’s society.


I have always found that Pedro and his team give the highest level of customer service and care. In fact I would go so far to say that they have given me the highest standard of professional service that I or my company have ever received. They consistently go above and beyond the usual standards of service and this is why they are such a pleasure to deal with.


I have found Pedro to be friendly, professional and extremely patient in his dealings with me and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone setting out on the path of dealing with the machinations of compliance.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions regarding Pedro/PowerPro RTO and the great work that Vidatek do.



Brendan Bolton

Director- Train to Gain





The Pivot Institute


Many thanks for assisting us through the submission of various data for complying with the AQTF2010 standards, all along. You were always available for support!

We wouldn't have reached this far without your help!


Sumita Parti




Onfit Training College


Pedro, we’ve never talked but working with you and Powerpro has been one of  the best business decisions I’ve ever made.


We've worked with so many companies that are excited until the contract is signed. I appreciate how you listen and work with our whole team.


Don Bacchi



Alpha to Omega Academy


I would like to express my immense gratitude to Pedro Fonseca for his exemplary customer service to Alpha to Omega over an extensive time period.


Pedro assisted us in transitioning from a manual excel student data base to Powerpro, what a difference.  He provided on-going patient coaching and followed through on all our questions and details. This progressed to recent support for our funded student set up in Powerpro.


I recommend Pedro and the Powerpro system as an unbeatable combination for student record requirements.


Deborah Hann




Centre for Excellence in Rail Training


Centre for Excellence in Rail Training (CERT) has been using PowerPro RTO for AQTF compliance and records management for five years.  In this time we have seen the software grow from a rudimentary database into a powerful software product that is simple to be operated by all our staff regardless of their computer skills.  PowerPro has afforded CERT the ability to continue business without the need for extensive training that is realised in today's employment market of staff turnover.


PowerPro features an uncomplicated interface that provides rapid retrieval of student and client records enabling a seamless administrative flow of training management from initial enrolment through to certificate production.  Additional features such as student roll and reporting of outcomes further enhances the capability of our business to supply quality products to our clients.


CERT has benefited from our association with PowerPro RTO Systems through development and customisation of our PowerPro database to streamline our processing of information and respond to changes within our industry.  PowerPro RTO Systems has responded to all requests for improvements to the system and provided excellent advice that is backed by a thorough knowledge of not only software solutions but extensive training and accreditation experience.


PowerPro RTO is not only AVETMISS compliant, but maintains currency through constant contact by PowerPro RTO Systems with Training Accreditation Councils to negate problems for PowerPro RTO users.


Our business has multiple offices in other states; all CERT offices access the same database through a remote server that affords multiple benefits such as;


    * active version control
    * effective backup and access of information
    * efficient auditing tool for our compliance officer
    * single point of access for Vidatek remote assistance
    * cost effective means for IT department control/maintenance


PowerPro RTO Systems provides an Innovative, Cost Effective yet Flexible solution to our RTO.  The improvements to our business through ongoing support and training related advice, in addition to the PowerPro RTO database will ensure PowerPro RTO Systems will be viewed as integral partner to our business.


Stuart Pottinger






I am writing to say how pleased we are with “POWER PRO RTO - TMS”.


Your program was recommended to us by an acquaintance in another training organisation and we started using POWER PRO RTO - TMS to manage our training records over 12 months ago. Right from the first time we used it we found it easy to use and the more we use it, the more we are convinced that it suits us and our organisation! Even our new Administration Assistant has had no trouble learning to use the program and often remarks how simple it is!


You have always been available to assist us with any queries about the program and we have found that your regular updates have resulted in the program being further enhanced and more user friendly!


Our decision to commission PowerPro RTO Systems to build our new website was based on the high level of service you provided to us (related to POWER PRO) and we are also very happy with how that has turned out.


We value the on going support you continue to provide and look forward to continuing the relationship between our organisations.


Shelley Richards




Pro Skills


When I purchased PowerPro RTO - TMS program early in 2007 I could not find much information from other users. I was impressed with the program when I run the trial version and the support offered was what I was looking for. I purchased the program based upon the results of the tests I did with the trial version and the excellent communication I received before purchase.
We have been using PowerPro RTO - TMS since April 2007. In March 2008 we had a trainer who caused a Complaints Audit by DETA. When the Auditors evaluated our systems they spoke very highly of our systems (part of this was the Power Pro RTO program) and how we manage our information.
The use of PowerPro RTO - TMS program has allowed us to manage all our clients and courses with one system. We have single unit courses, full qualifications and credited courses in our scope. It is very easy to locate all the information on courses and clients. Reprinting of qualifications is a very simple process using PowerPro RTO - TMS. The best part of the PowerPro RTO - TMS program is the support service given by staff from PowerPro RTO Systems. When we have any problems with our system the support provided by login is excellent.
I would highly recommend the PowerPro RTO - TMS program to any RTO that was considering a Management System for their organisation. PowerPro RTO - TMS is more than a Database, it is a system that can manage all information for the RTO making the preparation for Audits very simple.
Jason, I thank you and your staff for such an excellent program. The support we have receive has exceeded all my expectations.


Keith Lawrence

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