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Vidatek specialises in the development of software products shaped to your specific business needs.


Our Software Development team with many years of experience can assist your organisation to analyse, design and develop a solution that incorporates your business data, to automate time consuming and error prone tasks.


Our step by step process ensures your satisfaction from requirement analysis to the product release stage.


Our customised software development solutions include:


    • Client / Server Applications
    • Distributed Computing Applications
    • Database Adminstration
    • GUI Applications
    • Module Development
    • Embedded Software Applications

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Your software has been designed specifically for your business requirements and tailored to the way you operate, thus helping to lower operating costs.

You may have to amend your business processes in order the get the benefit of the software package and the way it has been designed.

Your software solution will include all the features and operations you need.
The software will most likely not be compatible with all your business processes. 

Your software is fully supported by the people who build it, with expert knowledge of the product and an understanding of your business processes.

The software will be supported by an Online Helpdesk or Phone Support, by people who do not understand your business processes.

Your professionally developed custom software application can give you a significant business advantage over your competition.

Your competitors can use the same product as you, therefore you are gaining no competitive advantage.

Your software can be fine tuned to meet your growing business needs.  It will fit into your business processes as they grow and your requirements change. 

The software tends to be a 'Jack-of-all-Trades' yet 'Master-of-None' and can be compicated to learn and to adapt to your business needs.